A glimpse to what we've been busy last week. The first photo is a teaser from the set of photos I had from the graduation photo shoot. At 7:00 in the morning we're already at the RED Images studio, be sure to come early because the make up and photo sessions is in first come first serve basis. When we finished, we're all pretty exhausted yet satisfied with the results, even though there is only about 8 photos I love out of 38 photos. It took us 9 hours to get everything done and went straight to UST to attend class. I'll upload the whole set of photos maybe after a month... and of course the shoot wouldn't be complete without the JEJE photo.



Some people shop when they are depressed or sad to feel happy for a short time. Yesterday I found out that when it comes to me, it is totally different. I shop when I'm happy. Yesterday, the best friend and I had our early Christmas shopping. We hoarded accessories at Forever21 because of the big discounts that makes it even cheaper than Tiangge or Bazaars. If I were you I will start shopping this early to beat the holiday rush.
C√ČLINE is one of the color block pioneers and that's the inspiration of my outfit. I love how you can pair it with such simple classic pieces and look in style right away. Until now I still have a thing for rolling up my pants, I feel more relaxed and walk out in style this way.

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Zara blouse
Gap pants
Parisian loafers
Charles & Keith tote
Forever21 ring & bracelet



Hey guys! I think I need to get back in track of blogging. Sembreak started two weeks ago and I don't know why this break pass so fast.

A little update on what's been going on with my hair from my last visit at the Salon. My Mom wants my hair to be back to black again, the stylist cellophaned my hair it is like a varnish coat applied to my hair to give gloss, shine and color. Of course a little haircut that didn't change the length of the longest strands I have, just a trim on the severely damaged parts of my hair due to coloring and excessive ironing.

The pants/jeggings I'm wearing is one of the few things I bought in Greenhills when we did an itsy-bitsy shopping before leaving Manila. It's comfy and light so expect me to wear it more often.

Photo by: Mama

Max Mara blouse
Jeggings from Greenhills
Liz Claiborne bag
Mango leather sandals



Just a quick post before I start reviewing for final exams. Yeh I know, I should be studying right now but my body and mind is experiencing excessive unwillingness to start. One more hell week to go and 1st semester is finally over. Looking forward to the weekends. 

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Mango muscle shirt
Tough Jeansmith belt
Gap pants



Last Sunday the sister, the best friend and I had a little date after attending the Sunday mass. We had lunch at Chili's, which is one of my favorite restaurant. We ordered big mouth burger (no picture because we get too excited to eat it) and crispy chicken salad (it should be grilled chicken salad but I ordered the wrong salad.) Have you seen the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Not yet? If I were you I'll watch it really really soon! I enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoyed the book. ;) and of course Spanish Sardines and Olives Pasta for the day finale/dinner at Mary Grace, Greenbelt. The interior is perfect and homey, far from the usual Mary Grace I dine at Trinoma.

Spending the day having fun, eating what we please and watching a good movie is my perfect kind of Sunday before hell weeks starts.

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Max Mara blouse
H&M trousers
Charles and Keith flats



I know I'm lacking updates lately. These photos were taken last month during my 3 days stay back home. I don't know if it's because of the absence of inspiration or it's just because my laptop is BUSTED!!! 

At this moment, I should be studying, I'll be having a major quiz tomorrow and I haven't studied anything yet. I don't know, it's just that I don't feel doing anything right now.

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Basic shirt
From Greenhills pants
Mango Sandals



 For the last three months, I've been staying alone in our place here in Manila, because I still have Uni to attend to and my sibs already finished their studies. Now, they're back and I feel a little bit disturbed in my studying habit. Haha, but it's ok at least there's always someone to talk everytime I need one.
Shot this a few minutes before the Sunday mass started. I wore/paired my school shoes with a casual outfit, for the first time, because I only wear it with uniform. This is an outfit I'm so comfortable with, button down, pants and flats. Who wouldn't be? XX

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Karen Walker sunnies
Thrifted chambray button down
Gap jeans
Melissa flats



It's been a week since I came back from a super short vacation and I already miss the place and the people so much. Catching up with an old friend who I haven't had bonding/long chit chat for almost 8 years is one of the best thing I did during the weekend. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo of us together. 

Taking outfit photos of my sister in different location consumed my 3-day vacation. I'm her instant photographer and driver, we're always looking for new places as a good background. You can visit her blog here.

 And... We celebrated my parents 30th wedding anniversary with a simple breakfast and dinner. I love them so much!
I can't wait to get back home soooon!



I'm in Daet, Camarines Norte spending my long weekend at home. An almost 9 hour bus ride is all worth it for a 3 relax/Uni free days. My sister and I consumed the morning by catching up and taking her outfit photos at the gas station. I'm the photographer of the day, that's why I'm wearing one of the comfiest clothes I have. Being reunited with the family has been the perfect way to start this weekend. Hope yours has been pretty fine too.

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Fred Perry shirt
Tough Jeansmith belt
Mossimo shorts
Havaianas flipflops



Prelim exams is here, I hate how I have to study all day and night again. But before I get back on the track of studying this afternoon, here's what I wore earlier. I am falling for neutrals right now, I feel safe and easy with it.

New heels on the block. Bought these for half the price from Mango. My fingers have been itching to get my hand on this kind of heels since April. Finally I got it last Friday when I'm having grocery and relaxation with myself, Yey! XX

Photo by: Melissa Basit

G2000 shirt
Zara trousers
Mango sandals



Loving the Fall book from Mango... the candid style photography... and of course the pieces.
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