We're going down in history

Finally, after a long time of tardiness I'm here again to post something for my blog. I have been so busy since the school starts. Here are some of my snaps after attending the Sunday mass at my school which is University of Santo Tomas.
on top of the school main building

Tunic Top: Vintage
Snake skinned leggins: The Ramp
Bag: Liz Claiborne
Wedges: Centropelle(Landmark)


Bye Bye Vacation!!!

Toast Box Sets is LOVE. I ate Peanut Thick Toast Set while my sister chose Kaya Toast Set. Yummy!!
Here are random photos of what I did for the last day of my summer vacation. A tiring yet fun day for me and my sister, because I got a new pair of beautiful black wedges at a very nice price. Yey!! We ate at Toast Box to have a Malaysian and Singaporean snack. Then window shopping again...

Tank Top: Zara
Shorts: Liz Claiborne
Bag: Longchamp
Flats: Rusty Lopez



My sister Diana shocked me with this picture of me along with two of my favorite Bloggers Andy from stylescrapbook.com and Trang of theseams.blogspot.com having almost the same outfit of a neon green top plus black skirt.


Sex and the City 2

After watching Sex and the City 2 with my ate, all I was dreaming is to have a life just like them. It's somewhat way too perfect. Love, friends, fame, money and of course clothes. The 4 are intelligent, confident and self-assured. They almost have and got everything they want. Everything in the movie is BEAUTIFUL except for the fact that I believe it's disrespectful and kinda offending. Especially the scenes in Abu Dhabi, i think it's embarrassing because it shows disrespect for the UAEs customs and tradition. You should watch the movie by yourself and tell me what can you say about it. The movie makes me laugh most of the time that's why I still enjoy watching it.
Pink Manila black and white striped tank top with bow. I wear super comfortable clothes for the movie.


Faces of the World

Here's a lot of images from my bonding, at the bowling centre, with my sister. We had a super fun day as always. After having lunch we headed to Mall of Asia for window shopping and to have fun at the bowling centre. This is the second time I played bowling, that's why I suck in it. My sister always wins the game (oooooh sad..)
In the last post I'm wearing a shirt with a models name which is Agyness Deyn and now I'm again wearing a shirt with models faces. I hope to be one of them too. That's a funny idea, right? 

Jeggings: Kate Torralba for Paper Dolls
Pucci inspired wedges: VNC
Bangles: Old Navy
Rings: 168 Shopping Mall


treat a friend

 I want this week to be so good and so lively. I actually made my itinerary for this week. Today at 6:00PM we hit Starbucks Tomas Morato to use my treat a friend stub which is only valid until May 31. We ordered green tea frap and my favorite cinnamon swirl.

Shirt: 5 cm
Jeggings: Kate Torralba for Paper Dolls
Wedges: Crocs
Bangles: Old Navy
Rings: 168 Shopping Mall
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