I know I'm lacking updates lately. These photos were taken last month during my 3 days stay back home. I don't know if it's because of the absence of inspiration or it's just because my laptop is BUSTED!!! 

At this moment, I should be studying, I'll be having a major quiz tomorrow and I haven't studied anything yet. I don't know, it's just that I don't feel doing anything right now.

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Basic shirt
From Greenhills pants
Mango Sandals



 For the last three months, I've been staying alone in our place here in Manila, because I still have Uni to attend to and my sibs already finished their studies. Now, they're back and I feel a little bit disturbed in my studying habit. Haha, but it's ok at least there's always someone to talk everytime I need one.
Shot this a few minutes before the Sunday mass started. I wore/paired my school shoes with a casual outfit, for the first time, because I only wear it with uniform. This is an outfit I'm so comfortable with, button down, pants and flats. Who wouldn't be? XX

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Karen Walker sunnies
Thrifted chambray button down
Gap jeans
Melissa flats

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