Finally the moment all the students are waiting for. Graduation Day. And that day was filled with smile, laugh and too many goodbyes! Four years flown so fast, as I remember how my first day went in the University. My college life wouldn't be the same and the experience wouldn't have been so memorable without my classmates, friends, best friends and my boyfriend. Their energy and presence pushed me to do my best and to love going to the University every single day. Studying in UST is on of the best thing that happened to me. The place where I met most of the people who are very important to me and also a big part of who I am right now.
I have both my parents, kuyas and ates to celebrate with me after the graduation. Thank you so much for unwavering support for the past four years!

Congratulations Batch 2013!!!

Miss Selfridge dress
Zara bag
Esprit watch
Aldo pumps
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