Siblings in colors

Here's a picture of me and my sister at the Philippine Fashion Week Day 4 entitled SIBLINGS IN COLORS via style-anywhere.

Philippine Fashion Week: Day 4

Kermit Tesoro Show
Day 4 of Philippine Fashion Week, but my 1st and last day to come. I enjoyed almost of the shows and amazed with the Filipino designers who showcased their design and art this day. It was fun meeting and seeing famous personalities around our country. I'm in regret of not attending the whole fashion week  because of my busy schedule and stuff. 
I'll still try to post photos from the days were I wasn't able to come.


Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010

OKAY, so Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 is coming and I can't deny the fact that I'm so excited about it. The sad thing is I can't make it to the 1st(opening) and 2nd day. :< Thanks to the kitten who bit me last May 18 for being the cause of my sadness. I need to have my anti rabies vaccines done before going to the city. Well, that's life. I'll still try to post pictures from the 1st and 2nd day even I'm not present. Maybe I'll start attending on the 28th. Visit this link for the complete list of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 schedule.




I feel inspired when I saw this pictures while reading their blogs. I love their style. <3


pasilio siete

Me and my best friend Melissa tried one of the newest coffee shop in town, PASILIO SIETE. I ate strawberry fruit shake while Mel tried cafe mocha shake. (the strawberry fruit shake is so yummy it has a big scoop of ice cream on top) We also tried club house sandwich and It's not delightful. ;))

Shirt: Zara
Belt: Mom's closet
Shorts: Liz Claiborne
Bangles: Old Navy


LOOK what I've found!!


 I remember that we have an old slr, so I rapidly went to the room where I think it is located. I'm surprised on how beautiful this old canon TLb is.
I want you to see the book I'm always skimming this summer.
an illustration from www.joelkimmel.com
Hope to explore the beauty of my own country soon.
 I'm wearing a HOLLYWOOD shirt my mom gave me from her trip.


Sunday in the beach

Here are the photos of me and my siblings in the beach when they got home from Manila to participate on the HALALAN 2010 (2010 automated election) the following day. As you can see, we so love the beach. Maybe it's just we grow up beach lovers. You'll now meet my admirable kuya Dhon Jason and my lovely kuya Dhon Joman.

Kuya Jason and Kuya Joman
My sister in Abercrombie fedora woven hat, leaf earrings from manila, and cute denim dress.



Staying home and being bored during summer is not good. I've been here in my hometown since last month. Even I had so much fun surfing the web, it's not acceptable doing the same thing everyday. No exercise, no fresh air, and you can't even feel the heat of the sun directly to your skin. After much contemplation I decided to contact, my childhood chums/best friends, Melissa and Joseph. We hit the beach and play on the playground. We're glad that we have beautiful beach about only 4km away from home were we can take a breath and relax.

my super cute friend MELISSA

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