Prelim exams is here, I hate how I have to study all day and night again. But before I get back on the track of studying this afternoon, here's what I wore earlier. I am falling for neutrals right now, I feel safe and easy with it.

New heels on the block. Bought these for half the price from Mango. My fingers have been itching to get my hand on this kind of heels since April. Finally I got it last Friday when I'm having grocery and relaxation with myself, Yey! XX

Photo by: Melissa Basit

G2000 shirt
Zara trousers
Mango sandals

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  1. Bwisit! Hahahahaha! I love the outfit. This is the mature part of you. :) The color of everything is so cool. I have an outfit post this afternoon too. While typing this comment, I'm all dressed up and waiting for Jhaber to arrive.

    Goodluck on your left over exams.

    Love Ate Diana


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