Sharing with you some photos I took when I accompany my Mom in their Grand Alumni Homecoming at Jose Panganiban National High School. The theme is Barrio Fiesta, every batch have their own Bahay Kubo and the foods prepared were all Pinoy food. Everyone looks so happy, meeting their former classmates, reminiscing their old school days, and bringing each other up to date on how their lives have turned out.

The best antiques to collect are old friends.



(Rayban shades, sister's shirt, H&M trousers, ALDO loafers, local Beijing bangles)

Yesterday's outfit for, my one and only sister, Diana's birthday.



Spent our last day exploring and shopping at Xi Dan. I have nothing much to say about this post, except that Happy Lemon is a lot cheaper in Beijing. I think half of the price here in the Philippines.



(Zara knit, Miu Miu dress, Aldo loafers, Sonia Rykiel bag, The Bead Shop arm bands)

I find myself wearing this super comfy knit from Zara, on my last day in Beijing. Put it over a Miu Miu black dress with sleek collars. Looked like a local with this outfit in China. My siblings were saying that i look like Susie Bubble that day, but actually I'm trying to imitate Alexa Chung. So maybe I fail to go like Alexa, and actually more similar with Susie.


Second day starts with The Forbidden City, the imperial palace. There's countless of tourist going to this place. The palace is crowded with aged Korean tourists. Trivia about the palace is very interesting, like the main door has 81 knobs (9 rows and 9 columns), only the Emperor can pass the middle main door to The Forbidden City, and the entire palace has 9,999 rooms.
Next to Dr. Tea House, where we bought teas like Jasmine, Oolong, Puer, and my favorite Fruit tea.
The day ended with souvenir shopping at Wangfujing (make sure to bargain for the best price) and dinner at McDonald's. Good thing about McDo is I can find it in any country I go.
Had the perfect season and best company throughout the whole trip.



First day of our Beijing adventure. Also the first time that the de Belen family is complete, before there's always someone not around, because of some reasons like work. Our first stop, Great Wall of Badaling but I don't recommend Badaling. Go to Mutiangyu instead, my Kuya said it is more pleasant and there's a cable car ride down. My calves got swollen after climbing the Great Wall.
Olympic Village is our next stop. You'll see a lot of tourist attraction in this place like the most popular The Bird's Nest and The Water Cube. Did you know that buildings in Beijing have their nicknames? Like The National Stadium which is popularly known with its nickname "The Bird's Nest."
We ended the day by watching this acrobatic show at the Jin Sha Theater. With a low cost ticket, watching those noodle girls and noodle boys is fine. The tour guide will tell you "It's a must watch" but I believe it's not.
That's for Day 1. :D

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