Photos from our half day city tour. 

1. Candid shot at Avenue of Stars
2.View from the hotel room
3. The gang while waiting for the hotel breakfast
4. Avenue of Stars
5. Me and Mat outside the jewelry shop
6. Starbucks, me loving coffee so much
7. Souvenir plate
8. The Peninsula Hotel
9. Souvenir group photo



Our first stop is in Tsim Sha Tsui or TST for short. It's like the heart and soul of Hong Kong. There's a lot of must see spots in this place and if you love shopping and ready to spend a lot, this place is just right for you.
The Space Museum
It's raining hard that day so going to the space museum is a great idea. Free admissions every Wednesday :)
Next stop, Hong Kong Heritage Center
When the rain is gone, we rushed outside to see the Avenue of Stars. It's like improved/better version of Bay Walk in Manila.
We did a lot of touristy shots, and sort of "Mukhang Tanga" shots.
We ended the day by going to Mong Kok, where we experienced the local, urban Chinese lifestyle. If you're looking for great deals in souvenirs or clothing, you'll surely love the place. The street foods are my favorite, I loved everything I tried that night especially this noodles packed in plastic. It's spicy and the taste of the jelly fish is appetizing.
A big thanks to my friend Shadow, at the left most part of the photo, for being so nice and a very good tourist guide that night. Of course, a big big thanks to Jeff and Lemon,  who's very cool, funny and extra generous! Our gang enjoyed your company guys! 
 So that's what happened on our first day in Hong Kong. Actually it's my 2nd time in HK so I kinda know where to go and how the busy city is going. The last photo is taken in the streets of Tsuen Wan while we're so tired and waiting for the shuttle bus back to our hotel.

Thrifted scarf print jacket
Thrifted top
Paper Dolls jeggings
Balenciaga bag
Converse sneakers



The first meal we had in HK. We actually don't know where to eat since we are still discovering what HK kas to offer. Yoshinoya was the first restaurant/fast food that comes to my mind since it is near Tseun Wan MTR station and I'm familiar with it, but they don't agree with me. As we were walking and looking for a place to eat, a Filipina along the street helped as out in choosing a restaurant and choosing what to order. She brought us at a Chinese restaurant were waitresses and even cashier don't speak English. Luckily, the Filipina and her daughter ordered for us so we didn't have a hard time choosing from the menu we couldn't even understand. It is funny how I actually do not know the name of the food above.
Can you name the food in the photos above?



In Hong Kong. Sorry if I'm behind on updates lately, if you're my friend on facebook or following me on twitter or instagram, you already know that I've been in HK with my friends last week. My first time travelling abroad with friends and spending 4 days of my life having fun without thinking about school stuff is just so awesome! Here are a few photos on our first day while in the airport and while settling in our hotel. We stayed at Royal View Hotel which is pretty far away from the city, not accessible, and the distance to shopping areas is not that great. I don't recommend Royal View Hotel if you want a good food and shopping experience, but it is a very new and a 4 star hotel so you can guarantee a good service. That's for now guys! Stay tuned for my HK touristy experience post! 
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