I don't have that model like body. Editing comes to my mind when I saw the pictures, because I feel and look fat. I actually want to be skinny so I always look good in every angle, but what's more important is to love your body and yourself. If you feel good, you look good. So feel good about your body no matter what body type you have. What's more beautiful than a girl with confidence?
“Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others.”- LL

I can say that my sister improved a lot in taking pictures. Sometimes I feel like she's getting better shots than me. Right composition, framing, and directing. We need a lot more improvement, i know that, but what's important is we're improving little by little. When she arrived last Wednesday, all we planned was about blogging, pictures, and location for shoot. She really loves blogging huh!? You can visit her site here.

The girl with me in the picture is not my sister, but a good friend and fellow blogger, Jamie. Visit her site here. She's running her own online shop, the sister bought a bib necklace from her. So when we're going to pick up the item we message her to dress up, because I'm willing to take outfit shots of her. Well I'm always willing to everyone. If you want to see the whole photo collection. Visit her site for the whole photo collection.

Photo by: Diana de Belen

H&M tank top
Thrifted palazzo pants
CMG clogs

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