Tabing Dagat of Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte. Memories flashback in my mind every time I pass by or have a little time in this place. It's just that I enjoyed childhood so much because of my cousins. This place is where we play and get wounded. A place where I learned to climb a tree and ride a bicycle. Imagine how time flies so fast...
Wearing a super comfy Fred Perry top and paired it with overly used shorts. You don't always see the shorts in this blog, but I wear it almost 4 times a week. I use this bag when my outfit is simple, because it gives life to the whole outfit. I don't wear accessories a lot, I don't know maybe, it's because I don't own much accessories or I'm not that comfortable wearing too much of it. Yeh, but I decided to invest in accessories now. When I'm back in Manila, I'll look for good quality, affordable and chic accessories.
Do you guys know a store where I can buy good accessories? Or links to online shops?

Photo by: Diana de Belen

Fred Perry top
H&M shorts
Balenciaga bag
CMG clogs

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  1. great shoes.. and ur outfit = NICE!


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