The first meal we had in HK. We actually don't know where to eat since we are still discovering what HK kas to offer. Yoshinoya was the first restaurant/fast food that comes to my mind since it is near Tseun Wan MTR station and I'm familiar with it, but they don't agree with me. As we were walking and looking for a place to eat, a Filipina along the street helped as out in choosing a restaurant and choosing what to order. She brought us at a Chinese restaurant were waitresses and even cashier don't speak English. Luckily, the Filipina and her daughter ordered for us so we didn't have a hard time choosing from the menu we couldn't even understand. It is funny how I actually do not know the name of the food above.
Can you name the food in the photos above?

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  1. Second photo was hakaw I think. Third one? Kutchinta. Hahahahahahaha!



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