First day of our Beijing adventure. Also the first time that the de Belen family is complete, before there's always someone not around, because of some reasons like work. Our first stop, Great Wall of Badaling but I don't recommend Badaling. Go to Mutiangyu instead, my Kuya said it is more pleasant and there's a cable car ride down. My calves got swollen after climbing the Great Wall.
Olympic Village is our next stop. You'll see a lot of tourist attraction in this place like the most popular The Bird's Nest and The Water Cube. Did you know that buildings in Beijing have their nicknames? Like The National Stadium which is popularly known with its nickname "The Bird's Nest."
We ended the day by watching this acrobatic show at the Jin Sha Theater. With a low cost ticket, watching those noodle girls and noodle boys is fine. The tour guide will tell you "It's a must watch" but I believe it's not.
That's for Day 1. :D

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