This is how we ended the celebration of 400 years of UST. We watched Cheer Mania and what really made our day is when the Yellow Jackets danced many makukulit moves. After Cheer Mania we stayed at Hiedy's place, watched some naughty things and eat a lot. Yeah, we love eating. Halata naman sa katawan ko diba? We were having fun there til 6pm, then headed back to UST. Bumalik kami kasi may fiesta sa school. Fiesta means free lechong baboy, free lechong manok, and free lechong baka. We received the early bird award, haha kidding! We're first in line because we came so early. Excited? :)) At the end of the day my feet feels like burning sa sobrang sakit. What a tiring and fun experience for the whole barkada.

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