So yeah I turned 19 , December 31, New Years Eve. Cheers to that!!!

I started celebrating my birthday, December 29 with Debbie, Marionne, and Monica. We call our group DOBIEROUNIC. (Kindly refer to our names) We dine at Shakey's, it's a ritual that started way back in high school. Shakey's Restaurant is our favorite hang out place. (1st to 3rd picture)

December 30: I checked in with my friends (BUNGANGA) at Bagasbas Lighthouse. We are a group of 8 people. 5 girls and 3 gays. Wait!!! Joseph, the guy at the last photo, said he is a straight guy now. Okay, so I believe in him. 7 girls and a boy. hahaha. What we did was EAT, EAT, EAT, drink some beer, swim, EAT again, watch SEX IS ZERO and before going to sleep we played this bunny bunny carrot carrot game thingy. I had fun that night especially with the untold stories. HAHAHA (4th to 8th picture)

Thank you for making my birthday extraordinary!!! :D

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